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Dragon 64 computer

Dragon Tools

Dragon Tools is a collection of tools for working with the Dragon family of 1980s home computers from a Windows environment. Only a limited set of tools is available at this time, but the goal is to support a collection of tools to support Dragon file management, development work, etc. Dragon Tools is also a .NET library that makes it easier to create such tools. Tools, the library and source code are made available under a friendly open source license.

Note that this software is highly experimental and under development. For the time being no assumptions about compatibility with previous or future releases of this software can be made. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.


The binary distribution contains a number of tools briefly described in this section. See the documentation in the binary distribution package for more details about each tool.

Command line utility for manipulating DragonDos filesystems stored on a virtual diskette. Both the DSK and VDK virtual diskette formats are supported. The program can create empty DragonDos filesystems, list files, delete files and copy files between the virtual diskette and the local Windows filesystem.

Note that the Microsoft .NET Framework version 4.0 must be installed to use any of the above tools.

Downloads and source code

Binary releases and source code is freely available under a friendly BSD style license.

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